Lord, in the still of the hour;
Crickets, life, clock ticks with power.
All so quiet, to think thoughts of you ...
Now, I know you passed by.  Thank you.

I felt your brush upon my brow,
Your loving hand ... don't know how.
I heard you speak to my heart,
"I will watch over you, never to depart!"

I know you are with me to the end;
As we walk together, the road no bend.
The highway is safe and, oh, so bright;
To the glorious place where all is light!

So bright, Lord, it hurts my eyes;
More radiant than all the sunrise!
Your glory and grace has won my soul.
There is nothing greater, thus, I say bold!

So, my song shall ever be.
Glory to you eternally;
Praise, adoration, and awe!
Jesus, you deserve it all!
by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Jesus, I see thy glory;
Radiant, magnificent, the story ...
Jesus, lover of my soul.

I came to you, glory in my soul.
I shall never cease to stand in awe!
Thy great salvation free, who answers the call!
Thank you, Lord, for loving and dying for man ...
Living by faith, trusting, as only we can!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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What is death ... good question to search;
Philosophers and scholars, all men in the search.
They look the wrong place to find the reason.
It's not discerned as you look at the season.

Many look to plants, animals, and such.
But, all they learn is not very much.
The reason that they have no answers to give,
They all die and never relive.

Ask the man who did it, raised a man from the dead.
Come forth Lazarus, you got sleep in your head.
Lazarus came forth, with a great step.
In the presence of Jesus, he had lots of pep.

Jesus said, "He is only asleep";
Cross over the bar, an appointment to keep.
It is not important that you go to sleep,
But the appointment with Jesus you keep.

So what is death?  Something to fear?
No way, friend.  It is something to cheer.
The death of a saint, much rejoicing, I know.
The angels of heaven put on a great show!

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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A bird's eye view of the Bible, you say.
Well, a bird is pretty and sings his life away.
I am not a bird, but I sing unto thee.
For Jesus made me perfect, like a bird full and free!

The words of the Bible all speak to attest
The heavenly life, who in Jesus Christ rest
We cease from our labors, troubles, and sin ...
Get pure in heart for the Son to come in.

Genesis speaks of the kingdom foretold.
Now let us really step out and be bold!
God's dealing with man, as His human race.
Then, God deals with them as His chosen race!

The kingdom was forming in these books, you see;
Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy.
The kingdom a conquering, this is the truth.
They are shown in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

The kingdom undivided, divided and things ...
The historical books, I & II Samuel and I & II Kings.
There is also Chronicles, both 1 and 2.
You read and study.  They all sound anew.

The poetic books read like a balm.
Proverbs, Songs of Solomon, and even the Psalm.
The kingdom divided, you pick to the bone - ah
Isaiah, Amos, and Jonah!

The kingdom is captive.  You hear a spiel;
Jeremiah, Lamentations, and even Daniel.
The kingdom restored; Ezra and Nehemiah ...
You even see Haggai and also Zechariah.

The kingdom triumphant, in Revelation at last;
Revealing past, present, and future.  Oh, what a task.
So, there is a bird's eye view of the Bible, you see.
Praise God, for that He gave it to me !!!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Rain, dark, gloom; no hope!
Broke, hungry, and no hope!
Alone, without God, in the world!
Why was I born into this world?

A man told me of light ...
The life where there is no night!
I said, "Alaska?"  "No," he told!
"You have to know Jesus to be bold!"

Then the day came, I read the Book.
Had to read twice, just had to look!
It said God Loved Me,
and gave His Son, so
My days would be light ...
if the Son, I could know!

I read, I read, up to my fill ...
Trying to learn to do God's will.
It said I must have faith and confess,
Repent, be baptized, begin and confess.
When I repented, forgiveness He gave,
To free me from being a poor slave!

He has set on high, top of mountains to reach,
To take His Word, sinners to teach!
Eternal life, He gave me the gift;
Loving and teaching others, to lift.

Praise His dear name,
and my praises ring!
He gave a new life,
and songs to sing!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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How sweet thy Word to my taste!
Your Word never fails, nor any waste!

So sweet as honey, to me!
Of course, your Word, it comes from Thee.

Lord, help me eat until my fill.
Then, I will obey Thy will!

Lord, help me to then be still!
Thou art God and forever will!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I recall the face so sweet;
A face, yet plain, though lovely -
A face like most mothers, I guess,
Simply molded, but lovely.

Down through many years, I wondered,
What about Jesus Christ's Face?
Then, I began to learn the lessons
He taught and His radiant grace!

I said, "If I had known love,
things would be different, I know!"
Mother said, "I have done that all my life,
 that you and others may know."

She said, "I have given my love of Christ,
in all life's work and relations to show."
That was really a surprise, and I meditated
For all the great examples of love to know.

The lessons I learned are so simple,
All part of my life.
It is funny, the face of Jesus ...
I had been shown it all my life?

When you want to see His face,
Please look in the right place -
In the face of His people.
For, the Glory of Christ is in their face!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Lord, where are all the preachers to be?
Are they being trained in the family?
Are they still out lost in sin?
Just, where then are the next preacher men?

Lord, where are all the preachers future wives?
Are they out working on their lives?
Are they not considering yet?
Are there enough out there to get?

Lord, where are all the elders now?
Are they out working, but don't know how?
Are they qualified and readily fit?
Are they considering, not in yet?

Lord, where are all the deacons to be?
Are they a deacon, but don't really see?
Are they just now answering your call?
Are they in the world having a ball?

Lord, where are all the future followers, dear?
Are they spread all around here?
Are they coming with quickening feet.
Lord, where are all the new buildings, please?

Are they to be visioned down on our knees?
Are they more useful than the ones today?
Are they to be build by us, someday?

Thank you, Lord, that we might be
thy servants for eternity!!!!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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There are four things our churches need.
To be one in unity, get rid of their greed!
In unity with Christ, our Savior is He;
One faith, one hope, one baptism from thee!

Another is the holiness you get.
Only a few have tried it.  Let us all seek it!
You have to be holy, just like our God!
Get right with Jesus.  His paths do you trod!

There is another called evangelism.
Let us all work together to get rid of the schism
We are to seek lost sheep to bring into the fold!
They are only lost, and more precious than gold!

The last one is for prayer of intercession.
Let us stay on our knees, without intermission!
So, let us pray, without ceasing, for souls to save!
Let us fill these needs and be a willing slave!

So, please, Lord, give us the desire to win.
Work in us, so that sinners can come in!
The only thing I have is what you have done in me!
May others see this, and then come to Thee!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Death searches the flowers,
birds and trees.
Death has come,
from the body it frees.

Death can never conquer one.
All it does is set me free.
Death came.  I flew away
to the arms of Christ, you see!

Death can't hold me,
'cause Jesus Christ raised me.
His precious face then,
I shall forever see.

"Victory in Christ",
my song shall be ...
Because He defeated sin,
and death to save me!

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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Fi Diddle, Fi Diddle te de,
what kind of man is Christ making of me?
I can't hardly know and funny I guess.
Maybe, some of my neighbors may think, I am a mess.
But, I believe His kind word and love it, you see.

So, I guess, it don't matter what He is doing to me.
For He is the potter and I the clay.  Don't you see?
If He works and shapes me like Him, and finishes me,
What better thing can happen to me?

Most do not care or wonder, you see.
But, the Christ who made them is reshaping me!
He bought me and paid with His life.  Don't you see?
I am His, and that is all right with me.

Fi Diddle, Fi Diddle, Fi Diddle te de.
Praise the Lord, He is not finished with me!
He raised me right up and blessed me.  Now,
How He has done it, you can ask Him, and Wow!

I couldn't be happier and blessed, I know!
For life's getting better as closer I grow.
I will see you some day and please do not wait.
For it is possible it will be just inside the gate!

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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There is a type of man
of whom much respect I give.
He's the kind of man
in whom Jesus lives.

We have few great men in our land,
and they are only one type of man.
One aspect of their type is humility.
You don't possess it unless Christ gives it to thee!

Yes, few of these men
we have to seek.
To know them, of course,
you have to know meek!

They are powerful men
with power to reek.
Their mind, bodies,
and spirits they keep.

These are the men
who strive to make peace.
Jesus said, "Not as the world gives,
I'll give you peace."

We have to have it, ourselves,
before we can give
it to those lost in sin,
so they might live.

Men, rejoice!
Be exceedingly glad!
Great are your rewards,
in heaven to be had.

You're the salt of the earth,
the light of a candle.
So, men come to Christ
by the light of that candle.

These so few men,
to most, simple be.
Their great demeanor
is an example to me.

They present Jesus Christ,
their Master and Savior,
With plainness and candor -
to win His great favor.

These kind of men
are at a premium price.
They follow the Lord
with all of their life.

They are willing slaves
of the Master, you see.
 As Jesus said,
"You must be slaves to follow me."

Now, dear friend,
heed to His call.
Get on your knees
and surrender all.

He will raise you up,
these kind of men to be.
He is doing it with them,
but He also wants thee.

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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These have to be answered by every human being at one time or another.

These are at the heart of most of life's problems.

When answered correctly, you will receive a great eternal reward.

Life!  Life more abundantly, beyond measure!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
For, thou shall save thyself.
Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
For, you shall save others and thyself.

Preacher man, take heed to thyself;
Thy manhood, character and influence.
Preacher man, take heed to thyself;
Superior mind, social and spiritual endurance.

Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
Your character preaches and teaches.
Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
Be a full and whole man who teaches!

Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
You need to exercise all the sense and grace.
Preacher man, take heed to thyself;
A heart of mercy, courage, and grace.

Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
You need to be a real Holy man.
Preacher man, take heed to thyself.
Jesus can use you, if He is in control of His man!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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What we need is men who hate sin!
We need a few, who won't sell out again!
Men of conviction, love and concern.
That those lost in sin, they might learn!

What we need is men who hate sin!
We need a few, who call sin - SIN!
We know they will be tested and proved right!
They have to be ready for a great fight!

We need a few men who hate sin!
We need a few who hate alcohol's wage.
Who get excited to a point of rage!
Who with God's Word with Satan engage!

What we need is men who hate sin.
We need a few who hate crime of unjust.
With businesses who's work men's souls to bust!
Truth in all business, and honor the just!

We need a few men who hate sin!
The cost is too high for us to give in.
That is the reason we need the best.
To fight this warfare, the Bible attest.

We need a few men who hate sin.
Our country is full of lies and deceit!
Many think drugs and stealing is really neat.
They think wounds and hurt are part of the heat!

We need a few men who hate sin!
So those lost in sin might see!
They don't have to be defeated and sore.
They can have hope and blessings galore!

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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I love to challenge men
with a slight barb ... so
to make them think
and to grow!

I caught the preacher
off base one time.
I said a barb.  He thought,
"I learn, that is fine!"

I saw a man make a slip.
I gave a barb.  Now, sink my ship.
Smiling, he said, "Excuse me!
I didn't think, you see!"

So when you challenge men, so,
You help them all to grow.
The key is the principle of love.
You have to love and be a dove!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I am at odds with the world;
So out of joint, don't fit in!
I was in the world for years,
Until I was born again.

Born in the Spirit
And washed in His blood,
Remission of sins;
I am free under His blood!

The greatest blessed life
You can ever find;
The servant of Jesus.
The life? His mind.

I don't have to look,
For other ways.
I am His forever,
Past the counting of days!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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In the night, at darkest doom,
No hope or respite from the gloom!
Then a voice, said, "Cheer up, son!
You will be mine, when won!"

Now, that was many years ago.
My life, so great and, better so!
The hope, peace and joy (for years)
Are great in comparison to no hope and tears?

My friend, may you also find
A life of love and friendship kind,
The peace and joy of eternal life.
The Christ gives this, who gave us life!

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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I am told to pray and be still,
so that I might know God's will.
Thus, I did, one early day in May.
He showed what was to come someday!

I was in shock to hear Him say,
"Hear this man he will show the day!"
The man was haughty, proud, with hate!
I will show you this, because it is late!

He showed to me the farm, where we live,
And what our neighbors would not give ...
To be ever vigilant.  Don't you see?
Then, no liberty can be taken from thee!

I saw the stories and how we've failed
To save our country.  For, now we are jailed!
We had spies and agents in all of your land,
Even in all the services band!

When your rockets went up and blowed,
It was us who did it.  But, you never knowed!
You had your mind on luxury and joys.
Only to you, they were just toys!

The congress gave away all of your best!
Then, we came in and took all the rest!
We invaded your land with aliens and me!
But ,you were really too duped to see.

Now your land is totally won!
We can relax and have lots of fun.
You throwed away your heir and King,
As if they were only a thing.

You forgot your God.  Don't you see?
So, if you want your country free,
You will have to get rid of the devil and me!
by Howard Vern Nicholson
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Have you ever sat in the prison so strong,
That is, because you did a great wrong?
It might be real or imagined, of course ...
Was not your fault, some other old horse.

Square away, now!
Each is responsible for his own sin.
Discipline is the beginning of learning, you see!
That is why we are disciplined to learners be.

There are many brothers who can vouch for me ...
Because they, like me, Christ has set free!
God said, "Come, Come reason with me!
Though your sins be scarlet, I will set you free!

Pour out springs of water, flooding your soul.
Come unto me.  Make my likeness your goal!
I have marvelous salvation for free!
But, only if you come and live here with me!"

No prison can hold you, if you are free!
Maybe your body but, your spirit is free.
When you know Christ, you are all set free!
You see, He broke all the bars of prison for me!

Square away, now!
Each is responsible for his own sin.
Discipline is the beginning of learning, you see!
That is why we are disciplined to learners be.

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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by Howard Vern Nicholson
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If I could only change tomorrow,
So it might be just like I say;
Oh, the joy of in the morning.

You can, by the way you live today!
Jesus Christ the better way!

For, tomorrow I would be wealthy,
Rich in diamonds, jewels to dispose;
To see the world in all its wonder,
Buying everything that I chose.

You can by the way you live today.
Jesus Christ, the better way!

I would fly in planes up yonder,
Sail over lakes and seas,
Climb the mountains tall to wonder,
Find the depths beneath the seas.

You can by the way you live today,
Jesus Christ, the better way!

I would escape to worlds asunder,
Climb and search the mountain steep,
Dive to depths in seas of wonder,
Finding secrets of the deep.

You can by he way you live today.
Jesus Christ, the better way!

When in youth, I was amazed
at all the things around me so.
I wanted, then, to learn and ponder
of the things of life to know.

You can by the way you live today.
Jesus Christ, the better way!

The greatest secret of tomorrow
is what I am today!
I learned it as I searched tomorrow.
What is important is today!

You can only change tomorrow,
by the way you live today!
Jesus Christ, the only and better way!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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