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What the Lord has done for you today,

Gave you life for another day;

Healed your body, raged and sick,

Healed the heart of a heretic,

Gave you a right mind,

Gave all (nothing behind),

Saved your soul,

Thus made you whole.

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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My treasure, My treasure, My treasure, what be?
What is the great treasure that matters to me?
You brought up the question, you know.  I suppose
It used to be riches, money, drinking and fancy clothes!

It was all the values of the world, as the world goes, you see.
That sums it up!  That is what mattered to me!
"Oh, fool," my heart said to me one day!
"That is not even close to the best way."

I said, "What do you mean? Tell me, please!"
"The highway of the Lord, begins on your knees."
I said to my heart. "Why are you so sure?"
He said, I am sick. And that is the cure!

"I will take you to the doctor.  You are hurting, I see."
"Take me to the one doctor.  He is the only one to help me."

I said, "Dear heart, His name?  Please tell me quick!"
"See, you are so bad off and, oh, so sick."
He said, "His name is Jesus. He heals hearts you know!"
"Take me to Him please.  I am ready to go!"

So, I took my heart to Jesus that day.
He said, "Welcome, I am here to stay!"
My heart was made well, oh so quick.
It is so well, it will never get sick!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I came into the world, just three months too soon.
Lost my eyesight, can't tell midnight from noon!

I was so small, my body not developed to full size;
My kidneys, bladder, and also blind in both eyes.

I lived for years with my family and went to school.
I had lots of problems, so I went to the blind school.

There I learned I had abundance of talent at hand.
Then for years, I wasted it on Satan.  I was his man.

For thirty years, they said, I was a handicapped man.
I accepted my problems and worried with them as a man.

I know I caused much anguish for my family and mankind.
I struggled to cope, being handicapped to find.

But many other thoughts, ideas, and words came to mind.
Then I met a man, so gentle and loving so.

He said, "You need to meet this friend, Jesus, to know!"
Well, He told me of Him, and my heart nearly burst.

He said, "Accept Jesus, and in Him only trust!"
He said, I wouldn't be handicapped then as a man.

Jesus, would then make me over again, His man!
This I did and believe me, He brought joy to my soul and more.

Now, I Praise Him and thank Him for evening the score!
by Howard Vern Nicholson
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I can't tell you how much I love,
but that I really do.
I heard the Spirit like a dove,
will also descend on you.

I know the Lord is willing,
as only He can do.
So, watch for the Spirit coming
down to even live in you.

He came to live in me one day.
I can tell you when it was.
I met the Lord along the way,
and that is the day it was!

He lives there now within my soul,
and whispers every day.
He reaches out to other folks.
Who need Him along the way!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Oh, that I might live forever;
That in heart ache, trouble never.
Oh, the joy within my soul.
I have set that for my goal!

Oh, my friend, you must ask.
Is that not beyond your grasp?
No, it is my reality.
Not just a possibility!

"Wow," you say.
Wish you could live that way?
You can.
You can enter the kingdom today.

That you can do,
but there is only one way!
Jesus Christ;
the truth, life, and way!

Oh, so sad you say,
don't want religion in any form.
What is the reason?
It will not cause you harm!

Listen, my friend
to what I tell you to see!
It is right way of life,
this Christianity.

Jesus came
that we might live.
Died upon Calvary,
His soul to give.

Surrendered Himself,
conquered death and sin.
That all who accept Him
by faith can enter in!

There is not a greater love story
down through the years!
He was crucified amid
blood, sweat and tears!

He loved us so,
this picture you will see!
His great love and
dying on Calvary's tree!

Thus, you can
live for ever, you see!!!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Shall my soul ascend to glory,
When the day of life is past?
While my house of clay shall slumber,
So shall I then with Jesus rest.

Oh, my soul, press on to glory.
Worlds of bliss invite thee on!
Oh, shall my immortal spirit
Be with Jesus, from then on!

Oh, my soul, rise up in glory,
To praise His redeeming name evermore!
Praises raised in adoration,
Praise Jesus' name for evermore!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Lord, in the still of the hour;
crickets, life, clock ticks with power.
All so quiet, to think thoughts of you ...
Now I know, you passed by.  Thank you.

I felt your brush upon my brow,
Your loving hand ... don't know how.
I heard you speak to my heart,
"I will watch over you, never to depart!"

I know you are with me to the end;
As we walk together, the road no bend.
The highway is safe and, oh, so bright;
To the glorious place where all is light!

So bright, Lord, it hurts my eyes;
More radiant than all the sunrise!
Your glory and grace has won my soul.
There is nothing greater, thus I say bold!

So, my song shall ever be.
Glory to you eternally.
Praise, adoration and awe!
Jesus, you deserve it all!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I sought.
I searched!
But, could not find?

I asked a man.
"I don't know," he said.
"Look yonder!"

I looked.
No truth!

I asked a woman!
"Never thought of it!
Maybe it don't exist!"

No answer.

I asked a child?
"Try Jesus!"
I tried!



by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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The strongest principle in the world is that of love!
It will make you wise as serpents and tame as a dove!
When you look at this principle, you then can discern
That life without Christ is not worth a dern!

Then you find those, who have and use it, have a great power!
Their victorious life shines forth in faith.  Oh, what power!

To be able to love, you have to know God as love!
He is so marvelous and great in His Love.
He gave His only begotten Son, in Love;
The perfect example of His great Love.

You have to have faith in our wondrous God!
If your life is worth living, you have to know God!
In living by faith, you are a victorious man.
He will uphold and bless you, as only He can!!!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Have you been on deck, looking out on the sea,
Late at night with no company?
You feel the breeze and the roll of the ship.
You think about things.  You let your mind slip.

Many a night, I spent on the sea,
Thinking of love and visiting with Thee;
A hold on the line and propped bended knee,
The breathing of life, enchantment of the sea.

The feeling so fine, it is hard to retell.
The joy of the moment, too precious to sell.
So peaceful, tranquil and quiet at rest;
Life on the sea is so calming and best.

A picture of life is all I can see;
Remembrance of life, I spent on the sea.
The only other thing I can relate or compare -
Is living with Jesus, up there in the air.

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I prayed for everyone who came to meet me.
Most had worries you can not even see!

Some rejected a kind word and smile,
Thinking of themselves all of the while!

Many were hurting and having a great need.
I told them of Jesus, so they would take heed!

They usually said, "Thank you, my friend!
If it is the Lords will, I will see you again!"

Some came back and said, "Now, life is so grand!
Please, dear friend, can I shake your hand?"

Some came up, said, "Can I just hug your neck?
Don't you remember me?"  And, I would say, "Heck?

But please recall and tell me the day,
So I can remember, for it was long ago!"

They would recount, and I would recall
Their trouble, hurt, sin and all!

I have traveled many miles from there.
So thankful to you, I don't even care!

Wanted you to know, what you did for me!
I would say, "It was Jesus.  He did it, you see!"

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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Unusual, no care;
look, blooming everywhere!
Red, orange, yellow hue;
Praise the Lord, what He can do!

Rich, luxuriant,
aromic smell,
memories spell,
stories to tell.

Bodies branched,
luxuriant blue green.
Blooms intermingled.
Fade, die, grow green.
Bloom again; radiant,
loved, reflected sun.

Thank you
for blessings given,
radiance, lush, new.
Will you be in heaven, too?

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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Have you ever sat in the prison so strong,
That is, because you did a great wrong?
It might be real or imagined, of course ...
Was not your fault, some other old horse.

Square away, now!
Each is responsible for his own sin.
Discipline is the beginning of learning, you see!
That is why we are disciplined to learners be.

There are many brothers who can vouch for me ...
Because they, like me, Christ has set free!
God said, "Come, Come reason with me!
Though your sins be scarlet, I will set you free!

Pour out springs of water, flooding your soul.
Come unto me.  Make my likeness your goal!
I have marvelous salvation for free!
But, only if you come and live here with me!"

No prison can hold you, if you are free!
Maybe your body but, your spirit is free.
When you know Christ, you are all set free!
You see, He broke all the bars of prison for me!

Square away, now!
Each is responsible for his own sin.
Discipline is the beginning of learning, you see!
That is why we are disciplined to learners be.

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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When as a boy, I lived in the woods,
Not blessed with earthly goods;
But had the blessings of love,
Told of Jesus who lives above.

They said He was God,
and great as could be.
If I was not good,
He didn't want me!

So, then I tried to do
the best that I could.
Then, Jesus would have me.
I hoped that He would!

The devil was stronger
than me!
I had to have Jesus.
He, only, could save me.

I took a hold of this
wonderful news,
Going with Jesus,
and never sing the blues.

So, now I am His
and He is mine!
I love this idea.
It is better than fine!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Bro. Russ, a man you need to know!
He was born on an Indiana farm, many years ago.
A typical kind of man, like any other Joe.
He tells you of sin and trouble, and all is so!

Unsuccessful, in almost every way;
His farm, work and all.  He never enjoyed a day.
His foolish things in life were only just a toy.
He married young and raised a boy.

Until he came to know the Lord,
which happened one fine day!
He stands right up to 'Praise the Lord'.
For, he was hell-bent, for sure, that way!

He is older and wiser now,
than most men that I know.
You pass his house and hear him, and how!
He is reaping what he had to sow!

"I will see you at the eastern gate,"
he says.  So, everyone here knows.
Bro. Russ is preparing for the date
When off to heaven he goes!

I love this brother very much,
and what do you suppose?
I would not be very much surprised
when off to heaven he goes.

So friend, take heed and warning now,
before it is too late ...
To meet Jesus and Bro. Russ
in heaven, at the eastern gate!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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Just what has Jesus done for you?
Don't you believe He will save you?
He can't.  You have to have faith!
You can't please God without faith!

First, you must hear the Word of God!
Faith comes by hearing of Him.
Yes, Now I have a seed of faith.
Help me to grow in the word of faith.

Oh, yes, now I begin to see.
The Spirit of Christ working in me!
Praise His name, Glory be!
Jesus Christ has now saved me!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I am not ashamed of the gospel, the power of God;
The great gospel of salvation given freely by God.
You begin by faith and live it, as the paths you walk.
It gets so exciting and rewarding, as with Jesus, you talk.

The Book of Acts tells what we must do!
It is so relevant, it sounds just like new.
How we enter and the things to learn and do!
Your plan so simple ... Lord, Thank You!

Your voice speaks in a whisper, "Peace be still."
Speak to my heart, that I might know Thy will!
I minister to people each day of my life.
I pray for your blessing, which tendeth to life!

Thank you, Lord, for the power of the Gospel;
The only news which makes us all well!
We are victors in Christ over death and sin.
So sinner listen, consider, please come in!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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The paper's all filled with violence today!
You might wonder, "How did it get that way?"

I will tell you now, the devil and us.
Christ is kicked out of school and even the bus.

We are all buying our enslavement, you know.
We call it progress.  But, that is not so!

It is costing our freedoms and liberties cause ...
Big business, big government, politicians the cause!

Most work for the devil, in all of their decisions ...
Zoning, taxes and regulations, that hinge on treasons!

They stand up and swear to defend the country!
They line their pockets with greed, you can see!

They legislate laws, for our enslavement and more!
There is no law, justice, and only judgement, the score!

Everyone knows that we are far from the truth!
Justify sin, crime, gambling; they are aloof.

When our country falls in the communist lea.
We can only blame ourselves, our ignorance be.

Let us get Christ back into the land!
Then, we will not fall into the communist can!

When Christ reigns, you know of His love!
Then you will know, we don't need the above!

I know you think I am crazy, with wrongs.
You can't prove me wrong, in spite of your throngs!

I know that I am right.  That is wisdom, you see!
The only reason is, Christ, gave it to me!

If it wasn't for Him, I wouldn't even care!
I can leave this old world, with power and flair!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I saw a star fall,
so very long.
I thought of sin,
oh, so strong.

Then compared to grace,
so wondrous be!
Praise God, It begins,
with thee!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I am told to pray and be still,
so that I might know God's will.
Thus, I did, one early day in May.
He showed what was to come someday!

I was in shock to hear Him say,
"Hear this man.  He will show the day!"
The man was haughty, proud with hate!
I will show you this, because it is late!

He showed to me the farm where we live
And what our neighbors would not give!
To be ever vigilant, don't you see?
Then, no liberty can be taken from thee!

I saw the stories and how we've failed
To save our country.  For now, we are jailed!
We had spies and agents in all of your land,
Even in all the services band!

When your rockets went up and blowed,
It was us who did it.  But, you never knowed!
You had your mind on luxury and joys.
Only to you, they were just toys!

The congress gave away all of your best!
Then, we came in and took all the rest!
We invaded your land with aliens and me!
But, you were really to duped to see.

Now your land is totally won!
We can relax and have lots of fun.
You throwed away your heir and King,
As if they were only a thing?

You forgot your God.  Don't you see?
That is the reason we overcame thee.
So, if you want your country free!
You will have to get rid of the devil and me!

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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"What is in a message?" my teacher did say.
"Just sit back and listen.  I will teach you today.
But first I have a story, a small little note ...
One thing in the Bible, Paul, he wrote

That a man had to be in Jesus, was the starting point -
So, when you are in Him, you don't have any want.
The message is nothing more than a picture you see.
For all that is in the message, they must see it in me!"

I remember Big Hank, with his smile and great wit.
Many years past, I think of him yet.
His way of dress, smile and yack, most of all the pat on the back.
His favorite line, 'a preacher should have a gold Cadillac'.

I saw Hank at a convention, you see
(Many years had passed.  He still remembered me.),
The kind of a man Christ needs many more of;
Filled with His word and kind as a dove.

His skinny old friend said, "Old Hank is going up to Kentucky
To preach a few sermons, visit old company if lucky!
He might even die in harness, you see,
With Christ blessing him.  It wouldn't surprise me!"

by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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by (Howard) Vern Nicholson
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I went to bed, said, Lord, keep me hid
From all shadows, fears.  I am just like a kid.

Why worry, son?  I am here, on guard!
Go to sleep, trust me, I am on guard!

He has proved, I can trust Him, for salvation's gift.
When I am down, He gives me a lift!

Thank you, Lord.  Now, I can sleep!
Close my eyes tight, and not even peek!

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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So, why do you cry,
When you live so wrong?
Why do you cry
When you have no song?

Why are you so content
To live in deep sin?
You try every thing;
Gamblin', dope, and gin.

You have greed, lust, and pride;
Brag of exploits, all things tried.
You run to and fro, and on the go.
But, to honor your word, is no.

You build and can't enjoy,
Spend all your money on a toy,
Compete to be on top ...
Everything you try is a flop.

Why don't you learn, my man,
You can't to it all by yourself?  I can.
Well, then why do you hurt and cry?
Is it because of your blind eye?

I hear your cry.
So, listen to me.  Don't cry.
I will save you and bless you,
If you come unto me.  I am for you!

I am Jesus the Christ, the Son,
Eternal life and blessings, son.
Obey my Word and live it ...
The greatest life, so get it.

by Howard Vern Nicholson
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